Why Choose

Norm Hart Settlements?

The competent staff at Norm Hart Settlements look forward to providing you with an efficient and professional service throughout your conveyancing transaction. You can feel assured when nominating Norm Hart Settlements that you will be provided with current and up to date knowledge on industry practices and legislation.

We appreciate buying and selling can be a complicated and stressful time, whether it is your first transaction or your fifth transaction each experience is unique and can be overwhelming. Our knowledgeable staff strive to make your conveyancing experience a positive one through understanding and communication keeping you well informed each step of the way.

Have confidence in knowing Norm Hart Settlements, which was established  in 1985, is a privately owned independent Settlement Agent with no financial affiliation with any real estate agents or financial institutions, working solely for our clients.

Remember it is your right to choose the Agent who will represent you at settlement, whether you are buying or selling, using a Real Estate Agent or private transaction you need to feel comfortable and confident with your selection.

Contact our office today for an obligation free quote and confidential discussion of your personal requirements.


Leisa Norrish

Principal of Norm Hart Settlements

After working in the finance industry for 12 years, Leisa jumped at the opportunity to move back to her hometown of Bunbury when her parents purchased the Business in 2004.   She has owned the business in her own right since 2012 and has a vested interest in ensuring her clients get great customer service.

Leisa pays attention to detail when working with Contracts and settlement documents and loves nothing more than dealing with her clients to ensure that the path towards settlement is as stress free as possible and enjoys liaising with all of the other parties involved in the process to achieve the settlement.

The settlement industry is fast moving when it comes to changes in technology or legislation.  She was an early adopter to electronic conveyancing which was introduced to Western Australia in 2015 and has enjoyed taking the challenge to learn new platform and way of doing settlements.

She is keen, along with her team, to help you with any settlement matter.